Saturday, 1 November 2008

Industrial Design Work

Here's a selection of ID work I've done in the past six months or so. I love finding interesting silhouettes and then solving the problem of making each design plausible but cool-looking at the same time. I think all those countless hours as a kid spent making up my own Lego models is the reason I enjoy this type of work so much.


Jake Gumbleton said...

well now sunshine, what a wonderful collection of art stuffs you have in here! Its great to take it all in at once and see everything you have achieved over the last 5 years. You are an absolute inspiration mate. So glad to see all your hard work bearing you such fine fruits!
I Look forward to more carver art action!

Jon McCoy said...

Hi Nick!
These are fantastic mate. Great shapes and designs.

Mattias said...

Cool looking stuff!

Amaroo said...

you should deffinately post more often here :) great stuff

Ben Mauro said...

those top 2 are fantastic!