Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some Fings

Here's a few things I've been tinkering with. Another foray into the unforgiving world of colour. The car doesn't look like it'll make it:

Drawing hands is most hard. I thought I better do a few studies to try and be less awful at 'em.


This a photo of a ship breaking yard that I tweaked and painted into:



jake gumbleton said...

Ha thats insane coincidence nick! I am working on a robot yard piece at the moment too and its a foray into working from an initial photograph! Spooky. Lovely hands mate. The blue in the car jump piece is ace but the green feels a little off. It is sketchies on sat will try and Skype after mate.

Dan D. Evans said...

Nicholas you are ON FIRE at the moment. Loving the jumpy car one. By another strange coincidence I have also been drawing hands to practice, but in my case they don't look so much like hands.

Roland said...

Excellent dump. Some very sweet stuff.

Nick Carver said...

Thanks guys!

Jake: I think it's the Hawken excitement that's doing it! Yeah, I always have trouble balancing greens, do I need more blues in there? More yellows and oranges? I dunno... Can't do Skype on Sat I'm afrid but should be about on Sunday morning.

Dan: I hate drawing hands - most of mine end up looking like a bag of spanners, especially when I work completely from my head. I think I might just draw those little legoman hands at the ends of everyone's wrists from now on!

Roland: Cheers! Great work on your blog!

Carolyn said...

Once again, great strong values!

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Nirvan Shuja said...

Strong stuff, the last image is a bit confusing in it's composition though! I'm not claiming im some sort of master by the way, still a student, and otherwise great work! You said colour was unforgiving, do you say that because you're new to it or something? I can't tell

Mike Yamada said...

Cool stuff. Love the first image and the leaf blower guy in the next post. Keep it up.