Friday, 20 May 2011

Building Blocks

Some style tests for that Robo Rejects idea:

Should have some new things this weekend if I can tear myself away from LA Noire...


Tyson Murphy said...

these are adorably awesome

Andre Barnwell said...

nice deve and 3d work man. Really diggin these.

tony said...

aw Nick,

all of this stuff looks fantastic. The simplicity is just devastating.

Your work is a real inspiration and I can't wait for more.

Plus, I gotta say thank you..... your blog is the number one source of traffic on mine.... hahaha.

keep being awesome.

You got a tutorial up anywhere for your (seemingly) max to zbrush to photoshop workflow for characters?

(tips hat)


Nick Carver said...

tony: Heheh thanks fella! I've spent hours gawping at your work over the years so it's nice to return the favour!

As for a tutorial, I don't have anything written down really. Are you talking for the renders of the leaf blower guy for instance? I model everything out in maya so I have a nice clean base then sculpt in Zbrush at lower subdivisions for the most part to keep things nice and clean using inflate and flatten brushes most of the time. Then I render out a bunch of passes (shadows, ao, depth etc.) in Zbrush BPR and then composite them in photoshop. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions.