Sunday, 5 June 2011

Grunt Sheet and Studies


Here's a design for a character I'm planning to work up in Zbrush over the next few evenings. Most urban vinyl/animation maquette-style figures you see tend to be contemporary or futuristic and I wanted to do something medieval/fantasy based. It should be fun to sculpt this guy, I reckon:

Also, here are a couple of quick studies I did today. I wanted to concentrate on lighting and colour and not have to stress my poor little brain out with composition, so I found some layout drawings by God of Vis Dev, MARCELO VIGNALI and painted on top of them. So yeah, I felt like a cheat doing these, but hopefully I learnt something from it.



Bryan Wynia said...

Can't wait to see the sculpt! Nice stuff.

Chris Kemp said...

What a classic piece of lateral thinking regarding the Dyson! I can just hear the section commander shouting "Clean 'em up, lads!"
Kind regards,