Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Baby and a Bot

Hi there,

I've been super busy lately with a project my wife and I had in the works for nine months or so that has recently been released:

The past couple of weeks has been amazing, but mainly taken up with changing diapers, cooking meals, doing housework, gawping adoringly at the little fella etc. As a result, there's not been much time for art of course, but I did managed to finish this robot mechanic design for my Race for the Globe project. Hope you like it!

More stuff soon hopefully.



Chris Nygaard said...

congratulations Nick! It´s great to hear you and your loved ones are doing great!

Ben Newman said...

great news Nick, congratulations!

Matteo a.k.a. madmatt said...

Congratulation Nick!

Wishes from Italy

Aidan said...

excellent work nick (and kate) !

Andre Barnwell said...

very cool. enjoy the days of parent hood. I'm told they're priceless.

Daniel Baker said...

Congratulations mate, I had no idea until Jake told me at the weekend, love the robot too, his feet are super ace!

Nick Carver said...

Chris: Thanks

Ben: Thanks man! Hope you are well!


Aidan: Yeah, she had something to do with it I guess!

Andre: Thanks very much! It's been going great so far.

Dan: Sorry I didn't get much of a chance to talk with you via Skype at the weekend. Loving the blog updates, buttball!

ashab said...

well done to you both, hope life is going good and happy to you both.

Richard Cu Doble said...

Hey Nick!

congratulations my friend! and I hope your little one will turn out as an awesome artist like you!


edwin rosell said...

When is the toy coming out? That would be awesome.