Sunday, 27 November 2011

Silhouettes and Studies

Hey there,

I didn't manage to get a great deal more done this weekend, but I did start to solidify the designs for the wooden elder/soothsayer characters who live at the oasis. I have the silhouettes pretty nailed down and I did some quick studies to get a better idea of how I want to handle the drapery and the different masks etc.

Hopefully I'll get the finished designs done next weekend.



Peter Oedekoven said...

Nice Nick!
And what a cute little art director you got:)
He probably works day and ..arghh,also during the night !

Richard Cu Doble said...
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Richard Cu Doble said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello, and to mention how awesome your work is as always!

Nick Carver said...

Peter: Heheh, he's actually a pretty mellow little guy for the most part and he seems to be getting the hang of sleeping at night, which my wife and I are very grateful for!

Rich: Awww, cheers man! I feel the same way about your work, fella! Keep killing it!

Simon Scales said...

Cool stuff around here Nick!!