Thursday, 23 August 2012

What I did on my Staycation

Hey guys!

I've taken some much needed R&R this week and I've been having fun hanging out with my family and also doing a fair bit of work on the project too.

First is an enviro speedy that shows one of the later story locations; a frozen, ruined palace high in the mountains. I've been watching Tron Uprising pretty avidly (such a fantastic piece of work!) and one of the episodes had a sequence out in the snowy wastelands where all the backgrounds were these geometric, speedpainterly configurations that looked awesome. So I thought I'd try for something with a similar aesthetic:

 Next up is a vehicle design. I wanted to do a motorbike that was inspired by dueling pistols and ceremonial daggers, so it ended up pretty long. Not exactly sure how this thing turns! Maybe leaning combined with the cunning use of counterweights?

This is some kind of mutated, undead trench hound. I posted the silhouettes for it last time and spent some time working it up. I've been looking at pictures of dogs in gasmasks from WWI (who doesnt!?) and it just went from there. I see these guys breathing out plumes of yellow mustard gas as they stalk the battlefields. They're pretty big too. I should have put Scaleman (tm) in there...

Anyway, enough with the work stuff, here's a couple of pics of Alex and me having some fun this past week:

Scoping some chicks at Pretend City in Irvine:

On a firetruck in Disneyland:

It all got a bit much for the wee fella:

We've not worked out how to get him to look at the camera....

I've got a character line-up I want to work on next and a sculpt in the works. More updates soon!



Estevao Lucas said...

Hey Nick I want a real motorcycle that for me! Awesome design! Great stuff!

Ryan Lovelock said...

it's always so good to see your updates :)
love all your concepts!!!

Kan Muftic said...

so, so awesome!

Ronnie said...

Man what should I say,every piece of your art is freaks me out!! LOVED the dog design.. *bows down*

Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

Estevao: Thanks man - glad you like it!

Ryan: Thanks!

Kan: Cheers, fella! I loved that Simpsons pic you did, btw. A piece of fan art that really added something, which is a rare thing indeed.

Ronnie: I hope to continue freaking you out!

Michiel van den Heuvel said...

Found a coverage of your work somewhere else. Fell in love immediately! Love the style... love it.

Steven Dickson said...

Nick, the Silver Dagger is an awesome, awesome work of art. I can picture a real one in my mind's eye and can practically smell the hot oil, burnished metal and leather. Wonderful.

Notyo Bidnis said...

Discovered your stuff recently from the digital-art-gallery website and just had to track down where the work originated. Love the whole The Race for the Globe idea, had a sort of similar story idea myself, but I'm not talented in an artistic way so I can't really fully realize my ideas. I really hope to get to see your idea get fully realized. I especially love the Silver Dagger. That has got to be one of the most coolest looking motorcycles, kind of has an early aero-engined racing car from the Brookland racing days. Your work is just amazing.
Is this story your working on going to be an full animated film/short film thing? Noticed you had 3d models of characters.