Sunday, 23 September 2012

Craggy Cove

Hey guys!

Here's an environment piece I spent a few hours on this weekend. It's inspired by a rock in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand called 'James Bond Island' that I visited, ohhh, 9 years ago? Man that makes me feel old!

And some head sketches I inked when I was really tired, which is definitely why the lines are wobbly. Honest.

Also, many thanks to Concept Art World and Kotaku for running articles on my project. It's very flattering to receive attention like that!

More soon,




Estevao Lucas said...

Great Environment Carver. I love how you did the eye run to the house by the mountains! Also the brushwork are awesome!

Nick Carver said...

Cheers Estevao! Glad you like this one. I feel like it came out pretty close to what I was intending, so that's a relief! And I've been trying to find a technique for painting rocks for a long time, but I feel like this method, using a palette knife brush and a hexagonal one set to scatter, works pretty well.

Kein said...

Oh my, that cove is quite lovely. Any chance I can see the photos of the original location? Just wanted to compare how it differs from your own artistic interpretation.

Nick Carver said...

This is what I was referencing:

Not so much for overall shapes or composition, more just the idea of a precarious looking rock formation in a cove.

Andrea Tarabella said...

Hi, very cool works ;)

steve said...

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