Monday, 18 February 2013

More Race Doodads

Hey there, Here's a bunch of bits for the project from the last week or two: Trying a new look for one of the villains. Colours and tonal tweaks in Photoshop over quick Zbrush render.

I was trying to get a kind of Sargent-esque oil paint finish with this. You can see some steps from it here:

I did this one for the weekly Art Jam over at Polycount. The subject was Studio Ghibli so I tried to get that same kind of palette going on in this landscape shot, although the shape design is a bit more graphic than you tend to see in their work:

Being chased through a frozen forest


Some studies for a creature design:


More stuff on the go. Check back soon. Cheers!


Taylor Clutter said...

love the zbrush sculpt/painting. I'm gonna be working on learning zbrush here soon and your sculpts are a big inspiration for the type of thing I want to go for. Can't wait for the book to come out!

Aidan said...

great update nick - love the way youre combining zbrush and more traditional methods. Grrrreat!