Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dynameshes etc.

Hey there,

Here are some recent endeavours. First up, some sculpts of secondary characters. I roughed out all the faces from primitives using Dynamesh to try and get a better handle on working that way rather than bringing in a base mesh from Maya. Still finding my way with it, but I can definitely see the benefits.

This guy's a cad:

Femme fatale from a concept a while ago:

Blockheaded goon:

Our princess is in another castle:

Playing with colours - wheeeee!!!

I'm going to be doing some lectures and demos at the Digipen school in Seattle next week so I'm currently prepping for that. I'm going to put the materials I create into a tutorials/step by step section in the book. Which is coming. Honest.



Chris Powell said...

Your sculpts all look great!

Don Flores said...

very nice!

Estevao Lucas said...

Amazing aerial scene!

Chase Standley said...

Great work man! love the depth of the castle piece

Tony Enriquez said...

Is that for the Race the Globe book? I'd love to get one!

Marcin Jakubowski said...

Looks great as always. The guy with the moustache is awesome. My only critique is that lady doesn't look fatale. You know it's a cartoon and the look must be as clear as possible. I'm also not sure how kind of person the big guy is. Anyway I think he should have stronger lips in terms of design.
Impressing, impressing...

Daniel Baker said...

stunning stuff mate, love it!!

Nick Carver said...

Thanks guys!

Marcin: Yeah those are really good crits. I definitely don't feel the character coming through as much on those two heads. They need to be pushed more for sure. Gonna rework 'em when I get a chance.

I need to send you a mail and see what you're up to these days.

david benzal said...

Very nice work!!

Aquaman said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Nick. Great shape design, wonderful sense of humor. Awesome!

Fernando Teixeira said...

Massive work you got here! Congrats ;) This went straight to the "good links" section on my blog.

Dominic Piché said...

very nice busts!, love the feel of it and the execution, nice work!

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