Sunday, 14 August 2011

Character Busts etc.

Hi there,

Here's some more work I've done the past week or so:

I've been sculpting some busts for secondary story characters. I'm mainly focusing on other race drivers at the moment, but I'll evenutally broaden to more diverse character types.

Here's a story/mood piece. I'm trying to work on some scenes with less direct lighting:

I'm planning to make some 'Top Trumps' style trading cards (using character sculpts and vehicle designs) to go with the book (whenever it's finally done!). I want them to resemble old cigarette cards from the early 20th century. Here's a mockup of how one side of a card might look:

That's it for now - cheers!


jake gumbleton said...

Wonderful carver! Glad to see you are still making stuff AND being a happy daddy at the same tiiiiiime!

Aidan said...

dont know how youre managing to work at blizzard, be a baby-daddy AND do all this stuff in your spare time...clones?

Nick Carver said...

Heheh - Some of this stuff I had in reserve from a few weeks back. I'm still finding some time at the weekends and doing a little bit on my lunch breaks, but my productivity will probably be dipping quite a lot now! I like your clones idea though Aidan...

estevaolucas said...

Amazing works man! Did you made this vehicle in 3d or only 2d painting! look awesome!