Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jungle Clearing

Hey guys,

Here's a environment piece for the project. I made some new foliage brushes from a bunch of brush silhouettes I found on Hans Bacher's fantabulous blog and while painting this I tried to use some things I learnt from some Oga Kazuo studies I did a while ago:

And here's a little panel from the same story sequence:

I'm thumbnailing a bunch of WW1-style characters at the moment so hopefully I'll be able to show those soon.




Tyson Murphy said...

WHOA I'm loving this!

Paul Richards said...

Astounding and graphic!

jake gumbleton said...

Wonderful work Nick. I love the opaque flat areas that you have left in the trees. Great stuff mate, and you've been much more successful balancing out your tones and saturation of late. This type of environment is a tough one to maintain clear patterns in. I think this is my favouite so far my talented old friend. miss you. blub blub blub.

Dado Almeida said...

Yo Carter. I like the mood and the 'non-disturbing' complexity of those enviroment painting. Seems a hell to paint those foliage in such natural way.
But about the second artwork, I think you miss the chance to show more action in the scary baboos action. The silhouettes at the left corned could be more separated (clear) and with more aggressive poses. The one at the right corner could be more scary if one of this hands was trying to reach the car or put the creature over the roof. Anyway. Just some though in case you´re planning to 3Dprint this diorama.

Have a good week.

Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

jake: thanks mate! I feel like I'm finally starting to get to grips with colour a little more. I didn't have too many moments where I lost my way with this one (which is usually the case!). There's still a lot that bugs me about it, but at a glance I think it holds up ok. Miss you too buddy! Looking forward to seeing you guys in December!

Dado: Thanks for the crits - I totally agree with you. I think I got a little lazy and reused the same silhouette for that monkey rather than making ones that really fit the scene. I'll definitely keep what you wrote in mind when I get around to making the diorama maquette though.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

man you are so GUUUD!

Bryce Homick said...

Gosh. The atmosphere is so crisp. I feel like I can just breathe in the light. Love it.

Dan D. Evans said...

Fabulous as always mr Nick! You've really got some amazing skillz these days!

tony Iammarino said...

Well, that was a super quiet and awesome level-up. Very appealing painting. Hats are off. Very inspirational.


Hethe Srodawa said...

Dude, wonderful stuff. Beautiful foliage!

Sylvain Decaux said...

Great work! Lighting and composition are top notch.

Jared Shear said... the variety you have achieved within the jungle. Cool stuff.