Sunday, 18 March 2012

'What's a Diorama?'

Hey there,

I'm working on a a little Zbrush diorama featuring B.R. Avery, this guy below and the robot from the same character line-up. Here's some work in progress on the little gas mask wearing mole-man:

Also, as a bit of extra stuffage, here are a couple of quick Oga Kazuo studies I did quite a while ago but forgot to post. This guy is just the absolute best (unlike these studies!) and I really recommend tracking down the blu-ray of his Studio Ghibli works:

Should the diorama maquette finished soon.




Paolo Puggioni said...

I didn't know this artist, I noticed there are a few awesome books on Amazon about his landscapes.
Is this the Blue Ray you meant?

Thanks for the tip, they're on my wishlist now.
Ah, and awesome studies btw.

Nick Carver said...

Yep, that's the one! It has hundreds of high res images of his work. It's fascinating to look at his mark making up close.


Peter Oedekoven said...

That gasman is fantastic Nick!

Simon said...

Awesome stuff nick! :) look forward to seeing the finished article.