Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bunch o' New Bits

Hi there!

Here's a bunch of stuff I did this past week. Firstly, a thumbnail for a story moment that I ended up spending a bit more time on:

Also, a simple costume design for a female character sculpt that I'm currently working on. I was thinking of champagne flutes and Venus flytraps when I worked out the dress silhouette.

Finally, let's file this one under 'what the hell were you THINKING?!?!' heheh.

I've got another sheet of character sketches I need to work up in PS. A few other bits on the go too. More stuff soon.

Have a good week, all!

Cheers, Nick.


jake gumbleton said...

I love you nick carver!

Badger said...

Looking great Nick!

VertexBee said...

Always love to check your blog, dude ! The story shot looks really cool, keep up the good work :)

B-Caff said...

>mjw hobbleskirts