Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rally at The Mountain Pass

Good evening,

Here's a speedpaint of a mountainous location for the project . It started as some choppy polygon lasso selections that I built up and then skewed pieces this way and that. I kind of like how all the scattered little triangles are suggestive of trees and also reinforce the sharp, angular feeling of the mountains. Poor, lonely little car...

More stuff soon.



Johan Wahlbäck said...

As always impressive mate. I would love to see the initial blockout.
I love how you bounce the yellow light around.

Nick Carver said...

Cheers Johan!

It was pretty messy at the start, to be honest! I can save out a pic of the early stages though if you're interested.

Not sure about the yellow myself! I wasn't happy with how it hits that snow bank on the left. Plus, the levels and colours are totally different on my screen at work so I don't know whether my home display needs recallibrating - gah! The pitfalls of digital art...

Johan Wahlbäck said...

I think that the light could go a tad more towards the brighter spectra at that bank yeah but that is just details ^^It has a lovely feel to it.

And yeah, if you have the block out saved I'd love to see it. I love seeing how different artists approach a painting from the start, always something to learn ^^.
If you don't feel like posting it on your blog please mail it to me:

Keep up the awesomeness!

Ryan said...

been following these updates on polycount for the last while. inspiring stuff man! your characters from last post were especially awesome. can't wait to see more!

Mayavan Thevendra said...

Really nice work, Nick! Good mix of more cartoony/graphic-y and realistic shapes in there.

Anonymous said...

MITT marks TEXAS..there goes that UNTSLYST.
There goes CROW.
There goes MISHIMA.
And it's looking like NICK the PRICK with RICK and SLICK and MICK got the DICCE.
ROOTY 009.
With NYE.

Aidan said...

some interesting brushwork going on in here nick - i like!

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