Saturday, 8 October 2011

100 Horsepower Racer

Hey guys,

Here's a vehicle design for the Race Project that I thumbnailed out aaaaages ago. Hope you like it!


Roland said...


Taylor said...

Awesome dude... awesome! I want to see this project produced!!! When you create the art for this project are you thinking of this as more of an animation, or video game perhaps? All the artwork you've done seems like it would be great as both.

laura said...

rad. i love the tight rendering and materials on this one!

Peter Oedekoven said...

like it…9

Nick Carver said...

Thanks guys!

Taylor: I'm thinking of it more as the pre-production for a movie - my plan is to create an 'art of' book for a film that doesn't exist. I've focused quite heavily on the vehicles, but they are really only prevalent in the first act of the story; mainly a way for me to move the main characters from place to place. I really like designing the cars, but I'm aware that there are so many other elements that I need to focus on in order to flesh out the project fully. I'm planning to move onto some new locations soon. Thanks for your interest!

laura: Cheers muchly! Love your work!