Friday, 21 October 2011

Blizzcon Sculpt

Hey guys,

Here's the sculpt of now-deceased Tauren leader Cairne Bloodhoof I made for the Blizzcon charity auction that I worked on during the artists' demo:

There's still some work to be done on it, but eventually this is going to be 3d printed and given to the highest bidder. I'll make sure to upload some pics of the actual printed sculpt.

Right, back to The Race Project. What to do, what to do...


Mayavan Thevendra said...

Awesome work Nick! Think this might be the first time I've actually seem your style applied to Blizzard stuff - very nice! How do you handle things like the tufts of hair along his back - do you model those into the low poly, or just drag them out in the zbrush sculpt (snakehook?)?

jake gumbleton said...

really sophisticated stuff mate, i really miss the old zbrush. Bout time i got back on it! Love the plats, how do you handle them?

Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

Mya: Yep, I used the snakehook for all of the tufts and then used the standard brush with lazy mouse on to connect them to the rest of the hair.

Jake: The plaits were just pre-modeled in Maya and then I sculpted the strands of hair in Zbrush.

See you guys soon hopefully!