Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Few from the Masses

Hi there,

Here's this weeks doodlings. Firstly, some background characters for one of the story's locations:

And a sloppy speedpaint for a story moment. Who's that giant in the foreground? I'll be working on that soon.

I went to a tank museum (more like a graveyard to be honest) in LA this weekend and snapped a load of ref photos. I'm going to work on some bulky mechs and tanks next, I think. I also found my brush pen in the back of a drawer (woooo!) so I might do some studies with that also.




Peter Oedekoven said...

Hi Nick,
just out of curiousity....what is it exactly ,you´re working on ?
Is it your own short or somekind of a comic?
Whatever it is, it´s great !

Nick Carver said...

Hi Peter,
I'm making on 'art of' book for a film that doesn't (yet) exist. I'm going to be working on all aspects of pre-production and adding in some info on the story as well as some step-by-step/tutorial bits too. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the year.

Peter Oedekoven said...

Sounds great...and whats funny about it,is that I was working on such a book too until
work was "interfering":)

Nick Carver said...

That sucks. Did the company you're working for consider it a conflict of interests or something? I hope you get to put out your book at some point in the future. I'll definitely buy it!