Sunday, 22 April 2012

'With Zither Music by Anton Karas'

Hi there!

Just some studies from me this week. I'm taking an environment design course at CGMW with Jason Scheier for the next couple of months. My first assignment is to do 10 studies from a visually striking film. I decided to choose a black and white film so I could concentrate on composition and value grouping. The Third Man is one of my favourites and it features tons of great shots (maybe they went a little crazy with the Dutch Angles!) and lots of striking lighting setups. Here are the first five studies that I knocked out this afternoon:

Here's the second half of 'em:


Ryan Stevenson said...

Great Stuff Nick your film studies are always top-notch, I almost went for that course but decided to go for Environment Design course with James Paick this time. It will be interesting to see what you get up to.

Nick Carver said...

Hey Ryan!

I found it hard to choose between the James Paick course and this one, but I figured the Jason Scheier one might be more animated vis dev centric. I saw some images that Szymon Biernacki did for it last year and it looks like the kind of stuff I'm trying to get better at. I'm sure the Paick one will be great too. Would like to do both if I could spare the time (or the money!). I hope you and the family are doing well. It'd be great to have a catch-up on Skype sometime soon.


estevaolucas said...

Very good work Nick and thank you for told about Szymon's work. It's nice to see where the class of Scheier can go. Looking forward to see more of your thumbs!

andr-X said...

Very interesting material in your blog!

Vince Aparo said...

these are great! I'm excited to see the next five. I'm enrolled in Sheier's class as well and gotta say it's pretty awesome to be in the same class with some pro talent. love your race for the globe stuff!