Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mechs and a Mask

Hi there, I'm a little late updating this week, but here are a couple of recent noodlings. Firstly, a bunch of silhouettes for some ridiculous armoured vehicles. That's probably enough military stuff for now:

And here's a lighting test I did the other night. I learnt a couple of things on this, but it came out pretty stiff as I was concentrating on not screwing up too much! Hopefully I can loosen up a bit once I've internalized some more of this stuff:

I'm off to the mountains with the family this weekend, so no update for a bit. More stuff soon though!




GWhitehall said...

Awesome designs, beautiful lighting! Can you cook as well??

Paolo Puggioni said...

Great designs!
The bottom left one looks like a Mark I Tank on its tiptoes, really nice:)

estevaolucas said...


Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

Gino: I cook a lot actually! It's my stress-relieving, creative outlet of choice seeing as how art can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

Paolo: Yeah, I've been looking at WW1 era tanks a lot lately. It's hard to make them look more boxy and ridiculous than they did in real life, but I'm trying! I also stole a couple of bits from a Renault FT-17, which is probably the coolest-looking little tank ever.

Iain said...

I like these. The eccentric designs, the shapes and the period feel.