Saturday, 29 November 2008

Recent activity

Some bits and pieces I've done recently. Cheers!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Industrial Design Work

Here's a selection of ID work I've done in the past six months or so. I love finding interesting silhouettes and then solving the problem of making each design plausible but cool-looking at the same time. I think all those countless hours as a kid spent making up my own Lego models is the reason I enjoy this type of work so much.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Deep stuff

Pencil Doodles

I'm a big fan of mindless doodling. These are all done with a Prismacolour Erasable blue pencil which I desaturate in Photoshop. I have to up the contrast quite a bit to make it read ok so that's why the scans look pretty crappy.

Sargent Studies

John Singer was a dab hand with the ol' oil paints and no mistake. Here's a few studies I did from some of his portraits:

I'd love to get into the whole urban vinyl/designer toy thing as either a sculptor or a designer. Here's a few concepts with that in mind:

Some quick character/costume designs:

Observational studies done in Photoshop:

A selection of sculpts done in Zbrush.

Film Studies

A selection from a bunch of studies I've done from films that I think have great cinematography. In doing these I'm hoping to improve my eye for composition as well as colour and tone: