Sunday, 18 November 2012

Skate Graphics

Hello there,

Here are a couple of studies/stylization experiments I did this week. I'm experimenting with painting in a more graphic style using textured brushes within simple selections. It was fun to work this way and because I make all the selection masks first it's really quick to get a composition going and find out whether it's working straight away. You can paint expressively within the masks too without damaging the silhouettes. I chose skateboarding as the subject because I used to skate a lot in my yoot and skate photography is full of interesting and dynamic compositions.

 More stuff soon!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hawken Made Me Do It...

Hey there,

I decided to take a bit of a break from my ongoing project to work on a few different ideas for a bit. Firstly, I've been playing Hawken a bunch lately and I'm really impressed by how much fun the game already is. I really think the guys at Adhesive are doing a great job of making the combat feel weighty yet maneuverable. The game looks fantastic too. So I decided to design a mech that hopefully wouldn't look out of place in the Hawken world. I wanted to go for a support/medic class with extinguishing/welding capabilities so I tried to get some fire truck design elements in there with all the other greebles. I also borrowed copiously from a bunch of ref I got from mech maestro Fausto De Martini (cheers Fausto!). Photobashing the details in there was really fun.

Here's the 3d base I started with. You can see a bunch of areas changed after I took it into Photoshop:


And this is my original thumbnail:

More soon,