Sunday, 22 April 2012

'With Zither Music by Anton Karas'

Hi there!

Just some studies from me this week. I'm taking an environment design course at CGMW with Jason Scheier for the next couple of months. My first assignment is to do 10 studies from a visually striking film. I decided to choose a black and white film so I could concentrate on composition and value grouping. The Third Man is one of my favourites and it features tons of great shots (maybe they went a little crazy with the Dutch Angles!) and lots of striking lighting setups. Here are the first five studies that I knocked out this afternoon:

Here's the second half of 'em:

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mechs and a Mask

Hi there, I'm a little late updating this week, but here are a couple of recent noodlings. Firstly, a bunch of silhouettes for some ridiculous armoured vehicles. That's probably enough military stuff for now:

And here's a lighting test I did the other night. I learnt a couple of things on this, but it came out pretty stiff as I was concentrating on not screwing up too much! Hopefully I can loosen up a bit once I've internalized some more of this stuff:

I'm off to the mountains with the family this weekend, so no update for a bit. More stuff soon though!



Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Few from the Masses

Hi there,

Here's this weeks doodlings. Firstly, some background characters for one of the story's locations:

And a sloppy speedpaint for a story moment. Who's that giant in the foreground? I'll be working on that soon.

I went to a tank museum (more like a graveyard to be honest) in LA this weekend and snapped a load of ref photos. I'm going to work on some bulky mechs and tanks next, I think. I also found my brush pen in the back of a drawer (woooo!) so I might do some studies with that also.