Monday, 30 July 2012

Tank Graveyard

Hi there,

Here's another story illustration for the project. I wanted to work on something that used a limited palette and had soft, diffuse lighting. I promise this will be last pic with tanks in for a while!

I've got some creature stuff on the go so hopefully I'll have something to show for that pretty soon.



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sunset Meadow etc.

Hey guys!

Here's the stuff I've been working on recently. Firstly, a speed paint I did over the last couple of evenings:

Some very quick (10 mins each?) Edgar Payne studies. I've been working my way through his book, Composition of Outdoor Painting, and I'm making a concerted effort to be more deliberate about how I study and use colour. The book is full of useful info so I recommend picking it up if you can find a copy.

And some little scribbles for some previous works and a couple o' head doodles:

More soon, Cheers!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Back to the Project

Hey guys! I took a bit of a break from personal work the past couple of weeks. Mostly I was watching Euro 2012, but now that that particular bladder-kicking contest is over I am back to work. I took a long weekend and managed to fit in some pieces here and there. Firstly, a little diorama of one particular slum area in the city of Dustrum. I've not really done this kind of isometric cut-away before and it was really fun! I'm going to do a couple more different parts of the city at some point:

Also, here's some better renders of two of the character maquettes I posted some time ago. Many thanks to my buddy Renaud for teaching me the ways of Keyshot!

Finally, here's the next guy from the military line-up that I'm going to turn into a sculpt. BTW, I may have some exciting news regarding these character maquettes in the not too distant future :).

Thanks for looking! More stuff soon. Cheers, Nick.