Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wooden Acting and Best-Dressed Hero

Hey guys!

Here's a couple more pieces for the project. First is a sculpt of a wooden tribal
elder. I thought it would be cool to have some characters whose faces are reminiscent of African masks. I'm imaging that there would be the creaking and cracking of wood when their faces animated. I think this was partly inspired by the scene in Return to Oz with the animated rock faces!

Also, I thought it was time that I gave the hero a more varied wardrobe, so I made a bunch of costumes for Mr Avery Esq. that correspond to some different parts of the story.

More stuff soon - cheers!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Angry Monkey

Hey guys,

Just a quickie - this is a design which I started with some doodles; blocked out in Maya and then painted over in Photoshop. I'm planning to sculpt and pose a bunch of these guys in Zbrush and make a little story diorama:

More soon - cheers!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Battling Brigands and Rough Stuff

Hi there!

I've been a bit slow with my artwork the past couple of weeks for a number of reasons *cough*Deus Ex 3*cough*. Here's a character line-up I'm working on for a section of the story that takes place during a battle in a frozen wasteland. I'm hoping to finish this up soon and also maybe colour these guys properly.

And here's a grab bag of scraps that I scanned to show how my work often starts. This probably looks like filler, but I figured some people might be interested in my terrible little sketches. I know I like seeing this kind of crap!

I'm working on a sculpt of an evil, evil monkey at the moment and I'm planning to do some giant parasitic beetles soon too.

More stuff soon - cheers!