Sunday, 18 November 2012

Skate Graphics

Hello there,

Here are a couple of studies/stylization experiments I did this week. I'm experimenting with painting in a more graphic style using textured brushes within simple selections. It was fun to work this way and because I make all the selection masks first it's really quick to get a composition going and find out whether it's working straight away. You can paint expressively within the masks too without damaging the silhouettes. I chose skateboarding as the subject because I used to skate a lot in my yoot and skate photography is full of interesting and dynamic compositions.

 More stuff soon!


Mathias Zamęcki said...

really great stuff :)

Ricardo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Nice :)

Chromi - Estevao Chromiec said...

Love this graphic style! The nlight x shadow in the first picture is awesome!

Alexander said...

ggreat stuff. Lovely the composition!!

Nick Carver said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Kein: Yeah, it is kind of ambiguous. I'm less happy with that one overall to be honest.

Badger said...

Nice, I particularly like the way you've handled the organic elements Nick.

Where's this mech process gif then? :P

Nick Carver said...

Cheers Badger! Oh yeh, I did say I was going to put that up, didn't I! ;p

Will stick it in with the next update.

(this delay tactic is my fiendish ploy to get people coming back to the blog! Just kidding...)

Unknown said...

Wonderful Skateboard Graphics!! Really like skateboarding killer activity.

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