Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hawken Made Me Do It...

Hey there,

I decided to take a bit of a break from my ongoing project to work on a few different ideas for a bit. Firstly, I've been playing Hawken a bunch lately and I'm really impressed by how much fun the game already is. I really think the guys at Adhesive are doing a great job of making the combat feel weighty yet maneuverable. The game looks fantastic too. So I decided to design a mech that hopefully wouldn't look out of place in the Hawken world. I wanted to go for a support/medic class with extinguishing/welding capabilities so I tried to get some fire truck design elements in there with all the other greebles. I also borrowed copiously from a bunch of ref I got from mech maestro Fausto De Martini (cheers Fausto!). Photobashing the details in there was really fun.

Here's the 3d base I started with. You can see a bunch of areas changed after I took it into Photoshop:


And this is my original thumbnail:

More soon,



Peter Oedekoven said...

Niceeeeee Nick!

Ricardo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

ooo nice!

Brendan Doo said...

Did you use sketchup to build the model ?

Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

Kein: I really like it, yeah. Combat is pretty fast paced but, you don't die instantly like in Modern Warfare so there's a bit more back and forth in the fire fights. Give it a go!

Brendan Du: I blocked it out in Maya, but any 3d app will do really.

Badger said...

Hey Nick, really, interesting to see the process behind this fantastic image. Thanks for sharing!

FaustoDeMartini said...

Amazing work as always Nick! Proportions and silhouette looks awesome plus all the detail work you put into this. The fact you called me "Mech Maestro" made my year :)
It means a lot coming from you.


Nick Carver said...

Badger: Thanks! I'm going to put an animated gif of the photoshop steps in my next blog post to add some further process info.

Fausto: Well, well, well. The mech maestro himself! Cheers Fausto. I'm really glad you liked this piece and I definitely took great inspiration from a BUNCH of the mechanical stuff you've created. So, a double debt of gratitude from me!

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