Monday, 28 January 2013

The Race is Back on!

Hi there,

I took a break from personal work over the past month or so, but I'm back to the task of trying to finish up my project in the near future and I'm really looking forward to completing all the pieces I have in mind for the book. Here's the first batch of stuff from the past week or so:

Here's some wippage on this sculpt. I need to sort out the modeling on the equipment, which is pretty rough right now, as well as add details and some homing pigeons (YES!).

I should have the Race for the Globe artbook project up on Kickstarter pretty soon. Watch this space for news on that!




Peter Oedekoven said...

Again, real great stuff.
That orange cloud mood pic is fantastic.

Badger said...

Really nice Nick!

Love those shapes and the legs on the bombus. Lovely mood on the refinery.

ashab said...

Great design mister especially the Ace of spades, nice touch.

Marcin Jakubowski said...

good as always. Where's the pre-order option?

Unknown said...

Agree completely with Oedekoven, on the bee with the orange cloud. You create small shards, from which I can imagine an entire world

Foom Spectacular said...

Great work. Love those textures.

Dan Cuatt said...

This would make a great anything. I love the stylized look! Glad there's a chance of an artbook.

Nick Carver said...

Cheers for all the kind words fellas!

Peter Oedekoven: Thanks Peter! Love those pics you put up recently.

Badger: Cheers mate! I still owe you a process gif... :/

ashab: Great to hear from you, fella! How are things with you? Still in Cambridge?

Marcin: I need to get all the reward levels and stretch goals sorted for the Kickstarter first. I'll probably funnel all the orders through the campaign initially, but if I meet the funding goal will definitely set up some way of ordering on my website too.

Höst Andersson: That's a very kind thing to say! I'm definitely trying to create a mood and sense of place as well as illustrating designs, so I'm glad some of that sense is getting through in the images.

Mark Montague: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Dan Cuatt: Hehe, thank you! Watch this space for info!

Mayavan Thevendra said...

A few familiar faces in these comments!

Ace work Nick - looking forward to seeing the kickstarter!

Nick Carver said...

Cheers Mya! Hope you are well, sir. I owe you an email, btw. Will get back to you this weekend. Ta!

jake gumbleton said...

slpendid stuff carver! love the sunset one.

Chromi - Estevao Chromiec said...

Wow Fantastic!! All of them!

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