Saturday, 26 October 2013

Costumes, Spitpaints etc.

Hey guys,

Long time no posty...

Here are some bits and pieces that I've squeezed in here and there.

Firstly, the Spit Painting group on Facebook just blew up and the standard of work on there is just crazy. I'm determined to try and do one a day and here are a couple of my first attempts.

Heavily Armored:

Extreme Racing:

This past week I've been working on a Halloween costume for my 2 year old son. Here's the concept:

And here's the costume in action:

Also, a couple of pictures inspired by real places:



Ben Newman said...

haha, that costume's great!

jamie holmes said...

That's some fine work man.


tony Iammarino said...


that costume is fantastic.

lucky kid!


Nick Carver said...

Cheers guys!

Unknown said...

haha wow great costume, lucky kid good parents.
those lanscape paintings are brilliant. such vivid colours

Unknown said...

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